The task asks you to carefully read the article “Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smart Phone” and conduct your own research about wearable technology. And then write an analysis report addressing the following main issues: 
a. In the article, the author argues that “Bluedouche principle” and “Trucker Hat principle”  present two challenges for the growth of wearable technology. Do you agree with him  or not? Why or why not? What challenges do you see the wearable technology faces? 
b. What factors do you think would critically contribute to the growth of wearable technology? Which industries/markets are well suited for applying wearable technology? 
Overall, do you think wearable technology will be as significant as smart phone? Why or  why not? 
c. Suppose you are an entrepreneur, briefly describe a business idea that utilizes wearable technology to provide new kinds of products/services. 
Save your completed report as a Word document of 5 pages, using font size 12 and single line spacing.

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Firstly, I would like to define wearables. They represent a very broad category of technology that include among others smart watches, glasses, tattoos, clothes and shoes that have sensors in it which gather information and data while we wear them. Some wearables are better known than others.

Now to refer the article, I have to say that I agree with both present challenges. My opinion is that Bill Wasik, the author from Wired, got it right when he connects wearables with those problems connected with or related to the Bluedouche principle. My first thought when I think of people who are wearing these kinds of things and who are well into these new items are those who would be considered nerdy or pretentious.

I accept and I am very aware that all of us are addicted to technology. I do not just take a look at my phone when I am in cafe with my friends because they are boring or uninteresting. I look at it because I am addicted to the notion of having so much technology at my finger tips. I want to be updated all the time, no matter what I am doing I want to know what my friends worldwide are doing, who is playing at my favorite, and what is new in the news, etc.
First and foremost I do not like the term – wearables. I do not think there is a person who could say that he or she is delighted with that name....
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