Q1. A newly hired security manager decides to conduct a Risk Analysis of his new company’s operations and facilities. Predict and discuss how he might fail to complete an effective analysis.

Q2. Describe and discuss your response to the following situation: A tanker truck crashes just outside your facility and starts to leak a substance that is forming a vapor cloud and the wind is blowing toward one of your buildings. Evacuations have began in the building next to the one affected by the vapor cloud and one of the evacuees has fallen down the stairs and broken his leg. You have a fully trained and equipped Emergency
Response Team.

Q3. How does an organization benefit from the implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan? Explain and Discuss Why?

Q4. How does an organization benefit from implementation of a Business Continuity Plan? What is the importance of testing and continued assessment of the plan? Explain and Discuss Why?

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Q1. An assumption that can be made based on the short provided scenario is that the security manager doesn’t have the support of the top management from the organization for performing the Risk Analysis. Or this is a requirement that can be found in any manual of risk assessment. The recommendations must be formulated based on the risk analysis and these comply with the findings (Buchanan, McCutcheon, & Wilson, 2003)....

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