IT Policies: GPRA-1993, FASA-1994, GPEA-1998, PRA-1995, E GOV-2002, Circular A-130.
Where these policies come from, how does it effect IT, etc..
Write a brief summery for each.

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E-Government Act of 2002 is already known by other two laws that are included into its statute (titles III and IV), namely FISMA (stands for Federal Information Security Management Act) and CIPSEA (stands for Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency). E-Government Act had a great implication on the development of IT since it provides the conditions under which must be performed the management and promotion of e-governance. It stipulates the roles of CIO (Chief Information Officer) and OMB (Office of Management and Budget) in improving the public access to governmental information and services. The main provisions of this act can be summarized like below:...

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