1. Why do you think the TCP/IP (Internet) model is more widely used than the OSI model?
2. Discuss two drawbacks of IPv4 and how IPv6 addresses those drawbacks.
3. Describe the SYN flag and how it is used in the three-way handshake?
4. Describe how a computer uses its ARP table and the ARP protocol when preparing to transmit a packet to the local network.
5. How does the ability to provide power to a network device using a network cable affect the placement of that device?
6. Explain the challenges of securing mobile devices, and how this challenge has been dealt with historically.
7. What are the differences between an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)? Can they both work together to protect the same network?
8. Discuss how you might remove botnet software from a network computer. What steps would you take first? How could you identify which host was a member of the botnet if a medium to large network was involved?
9. Assume your organization has a perimeter firewall that protects access to the entire network. Do you consider it a good idea to install a personal firewall in each workstation and server in the internal network? Justify your answer.
10. Why is it important to install all patches and updates for the operating systems in your bastion hosts? How can you automate this process on a Windows-based environment?
11. What is the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard? How can it help you manage your firewall’s log files?
12. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an external firm to inspect your audit logs?

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1) TCP/IP is the Internet standard protocol and it was defined much before the OSI model. Nowadays most of the networks use this model in practice against OSI – which remained important mostly because of its academic role. OSI model lost the battle with TCP/IP because of the existing distance between theory and practice...

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