Lessons learned write-up for the entire course.
Highlight, if appropriate, the FEI canvas you used during the course to illustrate or enhance your write-up. Tell an authentic and honest story of your pitfalls, discoveries and pivots. The more specific your story the better. Include specific terms about the customers you met, what they said and how they changed the canvas.

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The process of decision making in organizations is a complex one which requires several inputs and balancing a large range of factors also. During the 2 simulations and the project, I have learnt that having a flexible approach is of utmost importance in an organizational setting since the changes taking place in the operating environment will definitely influence the business and the business should be equipped to tackle those changes. Through the deployment of strengths, the business should seek to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the operating environment.
Change implementation is difficult in the organization and communication can help in the...

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