The title of your research paper is “An examination of how the CIO influences his/her peers and to whom s/he reports: Advantages and Disadvantages of Reporting Alternatives in support of a strategic IT positions”.

For instance, the CIO may report to the CEO, CFO, COO or sometimes to an executive board (rare). Think about the pluses and negatives for the IT executive who wants his/her agenda in the planning mix. The term CIO is not always used.
Begin by reading Nicholas Carr’s short essay on “IT in 2018” (see attached). You may use readings from the course (see attached “combined readings”).
Follow APA guidelines. The baseline for an A is 15 references (all with citations); 10 pages text double spaced (5 single) or about 2,500 words. There are a title page, abstract, and references which do not count toward your words or page count.

An abstract is not an introduction to the paper. It is a paragraph summary of the paper including the basic conclusion. Think of an abstract as a defense attorney’s closing argument to the jury.

An introduction tells the reader the purpose of the paper and identifies the major themes to be addressed. Think of an introduction as a defense attorney’s opening argument to the jury. The balance of the paper is a presentation of evidence.

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In the widening role of CIO during the last decade, most of the CIOs have developed dual orientation both in technical and business front which has taken them from positions of being just an CIO to become CEO and COO and other levels in the organization. However there is an emerging gap in the communication between the CIO and CEO which constraints these information officers to make their stand in the decision making process of organizations. As CIOs are becoming business enablers in the contemporary world, it becomes imperative that effective communication between CIO and CEO takes place and CEOs and other peers in the executive team realize the importance of business intelligence and analytics more seriously in its capacity on impacting the businesses.

In this research paper, we are going to analyze the changing role of CIOs as strategic partners in decision making and the importance of communication and reporting to CEOs and other C-level Executives in the organization. Importance of communication between the CIOs and other C-level executives is discussed in detail and the ways to improve the communication between IT and other departments and their possible benefits is also discussed in detail.
Role of Chief Information Officer in IT positions of companies

Chief Information Officer had a different role to play in IT positions just before one or two decades which has changed dramatically today. Skill set of CIO istotally different from job responsibilities they hold in the companies. The main role of the position of CIO is to deal with IT needs of the company but that does not imply that they play an important role such as IT director, but they align the IT objectives and create value to the business via the information technology and help in strategic planning objectives, they also ensure that the technological systems and procedures results in outcomes that are aligned with the business objectives(Buggah & Gadimzadeh, 2015). Most importantly the CIOs play an important role in the digital transformation of any business in the contemporary world....

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