1. How would you access GE's Industrial Internet Initiative?
2. What are the next steps? Develop a specific action plan for Beth Comstoc and William Ruh to work together
to accelerate Industrial Internet efforts over the next five years.
3. Who will be Ge's most feared competitor in Five years? Why?
4. What do you think GE's stock price will be in five years? Will it outperform the market?

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GE Case Study

1. How would you access GE's Industrial Internet Initiative?
According to the proposal presented by Jeff Immelt and his team, consumers can access the Internet Initiative by subscribing to the GE internet packages. During the appraisal of the project, the team identified that majority of its consumer prefer to use the data offered by secondary manufacturers such as IBM. I believe GE’s Industrial Internet Initiative can bring deep industry expertise and high performance technologies built for today’s Pharma manufacturers. The Internet Initiative can be highly applicable in the pharmaceutical industries. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in technological revolution leading to the adoption of highly integrated and flexible solutions to control and trace all processes connected to the research and manufacturing of the pharmaceutical products and provide targeted production and real time transparency. With dispersed data assets offshore and onshore, the Pharma companies need to manage and distribute tremendous volume of data from wellheads to control room and help maximize the value of the data and help make better decisions and connecting Big Data can definitely make a big impact. An example is at my Pharma Company, we are using sales data of our customers...

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