1). Many firms find it difficult to implement an ERP system. Consider an industry or company with which you have some familiarity, list all the challenges it may face, and indicate which reasons you think are most important and why.

2). Focus on either small-to-midsized or large business in an industry that you are familiar with, which of the application areas covered in this chapter (e.g. data mining, EIS, DSS, GIS) is most useful? Defend your answer.

Note - you can express personal opinions. No references or specific writing style required.

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The implementation of an ERP system introduces new challenges in the definition of processes and workflows for the company. In many situations, the selection of the appropriate ERP deployment is not straightforward and requires the implication of the upper management and business analysts. Even a right selection of the technical solution does not remove the integration issues which occur due to insufficient understanding of the framework or changed requirements. Another reason of the confusion might be represented by the way how the implementation is done; in general, this effort must be designed in stages and not for everything at once....

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