Write a Case Analysis on Target Security - Statement of the Problem and Key Issues.
With so much information moving in and out of organizations, security should be a top concern to anyone in a managerial role. Organizations suffering an IT security breach can experience the loss of intellectual property or the destruction of technology resources, not to mention a damaged reputation and liability for customer data that could end up in the wrong hands. This week we will discuss managing the risks of surrounding IT security and why it is important to define your own company's security policies. Write about stregths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and recommendations.

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The Target case presents an overview of the security failures that occurred shortly before Thanksgiving 2013 which allowed hackers to steal credit card data for millions of the company’s customers. The key issue in this case is the manner in which numerous security warnings were ignored by the company, thus rendering Target’s sophisticated security infrastructure useless in preventing the data breach (Manworren, Letwat & Daily, 2016)
Strengths - Being at the forefront of technology having...

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