Category I: Research and provide a summary report of the latest security features of any of the following database management systems:
Note that the title page, table of contents, and reference page(s) should not be
counted in the 10 to 15 page count. At a minimum your paper should include the following sections:
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Body of Paper
•Be sure your research is ordered in a logical sequence.
•Be sure that your paper is original - "your research, in your own words"
•You can include a demonstration section if you choose
4. Conclusions and Recommendations Summary of all your research and any recommendations you have
5. Reference

Part 2. Exercise Questions Question
1. You were just hired as a new junior Oracle database administrator to assist a team of five senior database administrators. In your first week, you were handed the task of writing a script as a template for creating database users. The script is to prompt the administrator for a username and password, and the script creates the user according to the following guidelines.
a. The default tablespace is USERS.
b. The temporary tablespace is TEMP
c. The account is initially locked.
d. Expire the password
e. The user account is assigned the DEFAULT profile.
f. Set a 10 MB quota on the USERS tablespace.
Question 2. Run a query on the DBA_TS_QUOTAS data dictionary view that only displays users who have used up no storage.
Question 3. Imagine that you have successfully completed CS674. Now you are hired as a database security expert to train the database administration team. At the first training session, you ask the trainees to perform the following tasks using SQL*Plus. Write the query and show the output for the following steps (as sys or system):
a. Create a user named CH0306 with the same password. Use all default values for the user options.
b. Modify the user options to change the default tablespace to TOOLS. (Note: You need to create a TOOLS tablespace before you answer this question.)
c. Lock the CH0306 account.
d. Change the CH0306 user password to DBSEC.
e. Query the CH0306 account using the data dictionary view DBA_USERS.
f. Query the CH0306 user’s quotas using the data dictionary view DBA_TS_QUOTAS.
g. Provide unlimited storage quotas to CH0306 on TOOLS and USERS.

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Introduction: There are many types of DBMS that can be used many people both professional and a personal level. In this research project, this paper will be describing in detail about the new security features of the Microsoft SQL Server.
Proposal: I propose to write an eventual research paper in reference to explaining the new security features in the latest Microsoft SQL Server such as SQL discovery and classifying sensitive information, using certificates in configuration management, encryption...

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