The general topic of the term project is to design a digital firm.
If a member is not participating in the project as he/she should, other members can expel the non-participating member and notify me at once. A team can appoint a project manager. Selection and membership in a group is all up to students and I do not take any part in such process. If you are doing the project individually, you can consider yourself as the project manager.
1- To have a preliminary discussion with group members (if in a team) and decide on the title of the project, what type of firm is to be designed. You can notify me of your decision if you wish.
2- Project manager is the moderator of the group. He/She will be in touch with the group members and assign each member a part of the project. Project manager will be responsible to collect, edit and submit the final project. Project manager will set the deadlines for the contributions and submissions.
3- Project manager will convene meetings between group members as he/she sees fit. Meeting may be in person or online. Each group member should participate and do his/her fair share.
Term Project:
You are asked to produce an implementation plan for a Virtual Company. Note that this is a plan only, you are not expected to create the Web presence. This should be a company resident on the Internet. Your virtual company could be a bank, sport shop, school or..? Your choice is only limited by your imagination.
You must produce:
a) Company definition;
1. Name of Your Virtual Company
2. Product
3. SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
4. CRM
5. Organization Chart
6. Revenue collection
7. Distribution method
8. Security considerations
9. Laws involved
b) Network;
Network proposal
How you will post your site (Web Host, your own server, third party)
c) Market share estimates
I. How much do you need to stay alive
II. How much do you need to produce a profit

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.


In introductory part of our project we would like to briefly explain our motivation to start a virtual company which would be an online store specialized in hiking equipment sales based on a drop shipping model.

First of all, the crucial reason for our decision to consider the option of online business is the size of online market. According to available sources of data , at this moment, around 4,2 billion of people worldwide or 55% of the total world population are using Internet, making it the largest and the easiest accessible market on Earth. Everything a prospect business owner needs is a good business idea and in several clicks that huge market can be accessed.

The same source of data shows that in Canada the number of Internet users is around 33,2 million or 89,9% of the total population. In its initial phase, our business will be focused on Canadian market and that is the reason why we are analysing the data on Internet penetration in this country.   

The reason why we have decided to start our virtual company using drop shipping model is the fact that it is actually pretty simple to start. A person can start and run a business from any location with an Internet connection.

Another reason is the fact that a business organized using drop shipping model doesn’t need to buy merchandize or to store inventories which results in a significantly lower costs. Also, this business doesn’t need to deal with shipping orders which represents another major advantage.

The selection of products that are going to be sold online on a business website is not predetermined by the necessity to buy those products making it much more flexible and able to offer almost anything the drop shipping partners have to offer.      

Company definition

The name of our virtual company is Hike High. The company Hike High is specialized in online hiking equipment sales. The reason why we have decided to use this name is because it is short, catchy and easy to remember and yet it clearly states the basic activity of the company.

Our business model is based on drop shipping. The fact that we have chosen a drop shipping concept means that our company is going to use two different e-commerce models simultaneously:

● Business to Business (B2B) model of electronic commerce which is evident in a relation of our company and its drop shipping partner(s).

● Business to Consumer (B2C) model of electronic commerce which is evident in a relation of our company and our customers.      

The drop shipping business model of our company provides us with a several important advantages:

● Our company doesn’t need to have an inventory of goods we are going to sell online which results in significant cost reduction. Also, this fact significantly reduces our initial investment in business and reduces risk.

● Our company can offer a variety of hiking products in accordance with the offering of this type of products by our drop shipping partners.   

● Considering the fact that the hiking equipment is in general cheaper with Chinese providers than in /Western countries, the profit margin of our company can be higher resulting in higher earnings.

Our company is selling products from our China drop shipping partners to our customers in Canada. Our drop shipping partners are exclusively going to be the companies from China and we shall use the most popular e-commerce platform in that part of the world as a tool for establishing a drop shipping cooperation with a Chinese...

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