Part I: Components and Categories of Information Systems
List and describe the key components and categories of information systems. (1–2 paragraphs)

Part II: Roles of Business Information
Read and evaluate each of the 10 provided business scenarios, and then respond to the following prompts for each business scenario to convey your understanding of the type of business system needed to support each scenario. (The response for each scenario should be 1–2 paragraphs.)
• Identify and describe the key issues or problems that need to be addressed in the scenario.
• Choose an appropriate type of business information system to resolve the issues in the scenario. Provide supporting reasons for the selection.
• Describe how this business would benefit from implementing the selected system.

Part III: Optimizing Business Value with Information Systems
Read the “WestJet Airlines Case Study.” Create a 5- to 6-slide PowerPoint presentation and include speaker notes for supporting details on every slide as follows:
• Recommend two business information systems that should be implemented by this company. (1 slide)
• Create a cost-benefit analysis for the business information systems selected. (1–2 slides)
• Describe how each recommended system applies to Porter’s Five Forces and Value Chain. (1–2 slides)
• Explain how the two recommended systems align with WestJet Airlines’ business strategy. (1 slide)

Part IV: Trends in Business Information Systems
Using the “WestJet Airlines Case Study,” create a management report on Emerging Trends Analysis and Recommendations with responses to the following prompts:
• Compile a list with descriptions of four emerging trends in business information systems that should be considered by WestJet Airlines. Then, choose two emerging trends that you would consider the most important for WestJet to implement. (3–4 paragraphs)
• Explain why you have selected these trends for the company. How do the trends you selected apply to this particular business? (2–3 paragraphs)
• What business benefits do you expect these selected trends to deliver to the company? (2–3 paragraphs)

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Part I: Components and Categories of Information Systems
Information system generally consists of five components namely hardware, software, database, network and people. Hardware includes the various inputs and output devices the processor, media devices and operating systems. software includes the various programs and procedures and the database consists of the organized data for the required structure of the organization and the network includes the communication media, hubs and the network devices and finally the people includes the network administrators, device operators and specialists (Chaffey & White, 2010).

In any business organization the information systems can be categorized based on the usage of the information and they can be broadly classified as operation support system, transaction processing system, process control system, enterprise collaboration system and also management support system. There are also many other classifications based on the strategic planning, tactical information system and operational information system.

Main purpose of operation support system is to facilitate business operations and transactions, control the production activities, and support communication (both internal and external) and also to update organization’s Central database. Transaction processing system another type of operation support system that helps in processing the transactions across various departments in the organization. Typical departments in an organization include accounts, sales, Finance, human resources, plants and marketing. Transaction processing systems can help in recording and processing the transactions like sales orders, cash receipts, recipes fried, inventory management, depreciation accounting, material accounting, etc....

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