Make a questionnaire about implementing Internet Of Things in Transportation.

* Each question you put into your questionnaire should be :

1- Brief: ideally 20 words or less, providing the question is still understandable.

2- Relevant: each question must be relevant to the overall questionnaire and its purpose, and each word within a question must be relevant to the overall question you want to ask

3- Unambiguous: don’t use words with multiple meanings or words likely to be unfamiliar to the respondents, so that they have to guess what the question means (for example, ‘Does your IT department subscribe to the CICO principle?’).

4- Specific: don’t ask vague questions (for example, ‘How many times have you logged onto the system recently?’) and don’t pose two questions within one item (for example, ‘Is the user interface clear and user-friendly?’).

5- Objective: the wording of the question should not lead the respondents to a particular answer (for example, ‘Do you agree with the majority of people in this country who say that those who unleash computer viruses on the Internet should be hanged?’) or suggest that the answer is already known (for example, ‘Do you agree that the user interface could be improved?’).

*Question Types : - Open and Close Questions

* There are many different ways of designing questions and response formats. Here are some of them

• Yes/no answers
• Choose ( Ex: your Age Range )
• Quantity questions
• Agree/disagree
• Degree of agreement or disagreement – the ‘Likert scale’
• Scale questions
• The ‘semantic differential scale’
• Rank order questions

* Layout and structure
questionnaire should have

• an introduction that explains its purpose
• the date by which it should be returned.
• reassured that their answers will be kept confidential
• completion of the questionnaire is voluntary
• should also be thanked for taking the time to complete it.
• You need to include clear instructions about how to complete the questionnaire
• When assembling your questionnaire, you need to put the questions in an order that will seem logical to the respondents – don’t hop from topic to topic

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1). Do you consider that introducing IoT devices on large scale in transportation metro lines industry will decrease the crime level?
• Yes
• No
2). What do you consider being among the biggest potential benefits for the transportation metro lines industry in the near future? (select all that apply or none otherwise).
• autonomous metro lines
• driverless metro lines
• surveillance cameras with intelligent agents
• IoT classes during the study years in profiled universities (related to the industry)
• None...

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