1. The types of knowledge (tacit and explicit) and their differences, with examples of each.

2. Be able to compare Agile and Waterfall management, with examples of each.

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Knowledge-management is based on two different central approaches (even if they are sometimes wrongly used as synonyms): know-how and know-that. The latter is known as “explicit”, while the former is called “tacit”. In essence, the explicit way refers to knowledge models like books, digital content, documents, reports, and so forth. Practically, it is based on the principle that documented information always facilitates actions. In this context, knowledge is considered anything which can be identified or shared more easily. By comparison, tacit way refers to the knowledge which is often embedded in the mind. It needs experience in order to be highlighted at its true value. The tacit knowledge can be learned in different ways than the explicit knowledge because it depends on the context and insights. Intuition also plays an important role for “know-how” to pull information from the context. In summary, explicit knowledge is structured, while tacit knowledge is more personal....

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