Compare and contrast the web presence of two ecommerce websites based on the set of criteria outlined in the class. It is OK using first person when analyzing/comparing the features.

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The set of criteria for evaluating the web presence in case of ecommerce websites represents a particular situation of web presence assessment in general. My personal opinion is that the performed analysis must cover marketing aspects, technical details, project management features related to website business profile and practical comparison between two or more ecommerce websites, in order to outline the chosen criteria. Most of them can be grouped under wider measures of the web presence, representing usability and accessibility (Usability Basics). Basically usability tells us how easy is to use an object by the end user, while accessibility represents a measure for the easiness degree of taking advantage on website features. At the same time, since we are dealing in this paper with ecommerce websites, we need to keep in mind that there are being performed transactions on them that must respect the common logical flow of facts: information is processed as input, then the implied parties reach an agreement towards the business and the settlement completes the communication process....

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