Question 1)
Select an e-commerce company. Visit its website and describe its business model based on the information you find there. Identify its customer value proposition, its revenue model, the marketplace it operates in, who its main competitors are, any comparative advantages you believe the company possesses, and what its market strategy appears to be. Also try to locate information about the company’s management team and organizational structure (check for a page labeled “the company”, “about us “, or something similar )

Question 2)
Find three certification authorities and compare the features of each company’s digital certificates. Provide a brief description of each company as well, including number of clients. Prepare a brief summary of your findings.

Question 3)
Consider the certification practice statement (CPS) of a company of your choice offering public certification services. State in one short paragraph what does this statement address or describe. How this statement addresses the trustworthiness of its personnel? In other words why should you trust this company?

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The ecommerce website chosen for brief analysis: domain.
With respect to the used Business-Model, we can retain the following aspects:
- It conducts the traditional person-to-person trading and sales;
- Ebay profit is formed by the fees imposed to the sellers;
- It integrates the category specification products, by periodical bulletins and chat rooms;
- It allows the presence of specialty marketplaces on the websites;
- The payment method is Pay-Pal, in a secure manner;
- It allows shipping on the website, trading, sell, feedback from the users’ comments (the actual domain authority is not visible during these operation);

Customer Value Proposition:
- Currently Ebay helps on improving customer satisfaction by offering many community features like customer support boards, bulletins, chat rooms;
- Features like “Daily Deals" , as well as "Fashion Vault" are designed to increase the user appreciation for the domain;
- Besides these, there is present the ability to compare many different products between many different sellers;
- it gives the sellers the possibility to increase their audience for the products they put on the sale list, due its high coverage;
- Nevertheless, the trustiness in the system is maintained by the secure manner of performing transaction on the website. This way the security achieved is also part of the CVP....

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