1-In Chapter 1 the Topic of Legacy Software according to the Pressman "...Legacy software is characterized by longevity and business criticality...with additional characteristics that is present [such as] in-extensible designs, convoluted code, poor or nonexistent documentation, test cases and results that were never archived, and poor change management...". Based on your experience and research, what would be your recommendation to a critical business unit to support legacy software?

2-Webapps extend the capability of application software designed to support business operations (lines of business). Name a popular business application that provide a web app functionality to extend the performance of this software. Please name the application, provide a brief description, and short answer to way the web app is important this software suite. (e.g. CRM, SRM, ERP software)

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One of the most recent characterizations for a legacy system in general is “any corporate computer system that isn't Internet-dependent” . This concept also can be applied in case of legacy software, but with several adjustments. In case of software, legacy is synonym with obsolete if and only if that product doesn’t represent a benefit for anyone.
The usage of legacy software can provide certain advantages, beyond the clear and already known disadvantages. One of these advantages is the backward compatibility, especially with older hardware. On the other hand, a business unit can be convinced to support legacy software by taking full benefit from the newer virtualization technology. Currently virtualization is recommended (and used) for servers (databases, application), older software programs or different operating systems. However the business unit must be aware of maintenance costs and allocated resources that derive from supporting legacy software....

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