A very challenging issue in IT industry is wireless security. Because of the specific technical principles involved in building a wireless network, the security problem needs a special type of approach. The purpose of this session is to understand the wireless network structure and functionality from the security professional's point of view.
#What are the security issues with wireless LANs and WANs in a data processing environment? What are the recommended solutions to the issues identified?

What are the security issues with Wireless telephony?
What solutions were implemented if any to address those issues?

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Main issues with wireless connections (and network based on Wi-Fi standard) were always represented by the used protocols. It is enough to recall the vulnerability to cryptographic attacks of WEP (regardless it is about the version with 40 or 128 bits static key) or incompatibility of WPA (interoperability problems with older OS) for agreeing this point of view. The things settled for now when it was implemented WPA2 due its stronger encryption capabilities and faster used algorithms. ...
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