Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is dedicated to providing high quality health services in order to improve the health of the people in Southeast Texas. A key element of this is having ethical standards and integrity. We are committed to achieving our mission in full compliance with our values as well as all applicable laws. To assist us in fulfilling this commitment while operating in a complex and highly regulated environment, we have a Corporate Compliance Program. An important part of our Corporate Compliance Program is our Standards of   Conduct.

1) Overview any ethical implications of leveraging the information technology & how they could address the security and privacy related issues they’d encounter.

2) Describe any changes to their Hardware, Software, Database, and Network technologies; along with the proposed deployment methodology you think would best suit the implementation.

3) Explain the new business processes (there may be many, so choose 1-2 of the most important) or changes to existing business processes associated with the introduction of this technology.

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Part 1)
The MHiE technology must be integrated into a PKI (public key infrastructure). This way will be addressed accordingly the main goal within a healthcare environment: data protection. More exactly, the main attributes of data (which are crucial for any healthcare environment) will be preserved: confidentiality, integrity, availability, but also the access control. Any PKI is sustained by two components: public key cryptography and certification authorities. Since the healthcare organization is formed by a network of hospitals, it is necessary all these to be integrated in the same PKI – in order to have a centralized management. The usage of digital certificates by the enumerated applications will improve the overall security achieved. If confidentiality is preserved accordingly, it also means that patients’ privacy is respected (according the existing laws and regulations)....
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