Answer the following questions:

1) Define each term and explain the differences between them:
RTO and RPO (From DRP)

2) What is Big Data? Explain it how you would explain it to your parents - thus no lingo, or highly tech words. Explain it in under one paragraph.

3) Explain the relationship between these terms:
Big Data / Hadoop / Sqoop / Streams / Data Warehouse / Tableau / Node

4) Explain how a company should strategize and work towards implementing a big data project? Give at least three clear requirements that should be implemented prior to the initiation of a big data project to increase the likelihood of its success and manage its usage.

5) Spend at least one hour learning a big data related technology - report on the tool, and what function you learned.

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1. RTO refers to the Recovery Time Objective. It is a measure of the target time in which the business wants its activities and operations to become functional after there has been a disaster. The speed with which the business would want to recover would assist in resource allocation. As an example, if the target time is 2 hours, the planning and preparation levels need to be high, compared to the scenario when the target time is 2 weeks. RPO refers to the Recovery Point Objective and is a measure of the loss tolerance of the company with respect to the data. The time between backups is noted and the data that can be lost during this time helps to estimate the RPO...
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