Program Design and Marketing Campaign:
a. Identify a REAL program being offered at a REAL leisure services agency.
Explain as appropriate:
- Name and description of the program/event
- Target audience
- Goals and objectives for the program
- Marketing/promotion plan
b. Create a marketing tool (webpage, video, not a flyer or press release) to market to a specific market segment/group (one not already the focus of the program).
Follow-up with a paper explaining the social psychology behind your marketing decisions.
Why would your target audience want to participate in your program based on psycho-social concepts?
Why would your marketing materials convince them that they do, in fact, want to participate?

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The balanced coastal development and protection of Georgia’s coastal resources have drawn more and more people to recreational fishing. Recreational fishing or sport fishing, is fishing for competition or simply for pleasure. Rather than the culinary or financial value of fishing, the primary reward of recreational fishing is the challenge of finding and catching different species of marine life using a variety of fishing methods.
With its picturesque barrier islands, vast salt marshes, large tidal ranges, numerous estuarine and inland water bodies, Georgia’s coastal region offers a wide range of fantastic recreational fishing opportunities. With increasing environmental changes and fishing pressure, there is a need to manage the marine resources carefully, to ensure there are fish for future generations....

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