Case Analysis on E-Harmony

What should your Case Analysis include?

1.Problem statement and justification/Investigate and Analyze the Company’s History and Growth. A company’s past can greatly affect the present and future state of the organization. To begin your case study analysis, investigate the company’s founding, critical incidents, structure, and growth.
2.SWOT analysis with appropriate explanations and justification/Identify Strengths and Weaknesses Within the Company. Using the information you gathered in step one, continue your case study analysis by examining and making a list of the value creation functions of the company. For example, the company may be weak in product development, but strong in marketing
3.Recommended marketing strategy to address the problem statement.
4.Anticipated limitations of your recommended strategy/The final part of your case study analysis should include your recommendations for the company. Every recommendation you make should be based on and supported by the context of your case study analysis.
5. No more than 5 pages
6.All papers will be run through Turnitin, an anti- plagiarism software.

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E-Harmony history and growth. E- Harmony is an online dating website which provides customers (whether they are paying or for free) with their soul-mate. What is important about E-Harmony is that this is very special and different online service from others in terms of calculation of the matching couple. Also, this company is amongst the pioneers in this industry and deserves a lot of credit for developing and perfecting this type of help for people who are lost in every day rush called life.
The company was founded in 2000 by Dr. Neil Clark Warren. Dr. Warren is clinical psychologist with thirty five years of experience. His desire when founding the company was to test his own theory about as he called “29 dimensions of compatibility”. In his significant working experience as a marriage councilor he studied happy couples as well as the faulty ones and came across to this theory which he decided to test.

Theory Development. Prior to the start he extensively tested and developed the new theory for three years with Galen Buckwalter. This is the first very important phase of company’s growth, developing and testing process which lasted as long as three years. It wasn’t just some ordinary idea which could maybe someday arise into great business, but on contrary idea was carefully built with thirty five years of experience and knowledge and with the help of modern technologies.

Modern technologies. Modern technologies brought something that none of the existing world’s things could bring to the business and that is popularity. If one would match couples in a bar for example, no one would ever hear of it, but when you put it online then the idea inhales its proper significance....
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