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Product Strategy
Choose one case from the following:
Red Bull
Case Study Format
Case Study Papers should follow the following format and address the following four components:
• Cover Page
• Situational (SWOT) Analysis
o Internal Factors (Strengths & Weaknesses)
o External Factors (Opportunities & Threats)
• Problem Analysis
o Describe the primary and any secondary problems. Discuss what are the facts vs. opinion/assumptions. Are these problems a result of a deeper problem?
• Alternative Courses of Action
o Describe possible alternatives for the organization’s problems and the limitations for each alternative.
• Selection/Plan of Action
o Select one of the alternatives, and then discuss a successful plan of action for the organization.
• Reference Page
Papers require a cover page (in addition to the 2 page min), an introduction, a body separated into multiple sections (subheadings), a conclusion, and a separate References page. Papers should include references which support the readings (tie in concepts/theory from the textbook to the application/article) and follow APA writing guidelines. Papers should also include page numbers.

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Introduced in 1987, Red Bull is in its 27th year of one of the most successful voyage. The initial product, known as “Krating Daeng” being sold in Thailand was the inspiration for Dietrich Mateschitz (believing that such a drink would be…) and he transformed this idea into a huge success in his home country, Austria. Today the company is #69 world’s most valuable brand on the (Forbes, 2013) Headquartered in Fuschl am See, Austria the company has sold 40 billion cans so far, employing 9,694 employees and present in over 166 countries around the world. (Red Bull, 2014) The company has registered 3.1% increase in the cans sold in 2013. (Red Bull, 2014)
The Red Bull’s slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings” and it is positioned as “Vitalizes Body and Mind”, “Wings when you need them” which is for a range of occasions:
 On the road, on the journey or business trip or on vacation
 During lectures and study sessions
 At work, for professionals required to work at greater speed and concentration
 While doing sports, for sports enthusiasts and athletes
 While playing video games
The Red Bull energy drink contains caffeine, Taurine, B-group vitamins, Sucrose & Glucose,and Alpine Spring Water. (Red Bull, 2014)
With only some of the bumps (the U.K. team started from the wrong end...), the company has largely written a very successful growth story through its non-conventional and creative marketing activities. The emergence of the new category for which Red Bull is responsible...

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