Product Strategy Case Study.
Choose one case from the following:
IKEA (pg. 410)
Case Study Format
Case Study Papers should follow the following format and address the following four components:
• Cover Page
• Situational (SWOT) Analysis
o Internal Factors (Strengths & Weaknesses)
o External Factors (Opportunities & Threats)
• Problem Analysis
o Describe the primary and any secondary problems. Discuss what are the facts vs. opinion/assumptions. Are these problems a result of a deeper problem?
• Alternative Courses of Action
o Describe possible alternatives for the organization’s problems and the limitations for each alternative.
• Selection/Plan of Action
o Select one of the alternatives, and then discuss a successful plan of action for the organization.
• Reference Page
Papers require a cover page (in addition to the 2 page min), an introduction, a body separated into multiple sections (subheadings), a conclusion, and a separate References page. Papers should include references which support the readings (tie in concepts/theory from the textbook to the application/article) and follow APA writing guidelines. Papers should also include page number

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

IKEA is a Swedish furniture manufacturer and retailer. It has very entrepreneurial roots. Its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, started by selling matches in the neighbourhood and pursuing subsequent ventures to develop one of the biggest brands. (IKEA, 2014) Emerging as a success story in Europe, IKEA continued its journey to expand in North America and other Asian countries. The company adopted a novel procedure for getting customers onboard. IKEA has seven different broad product categories: products for Kitchen, tableware, dining, living room, outdoor, bedroom & Children’s IKEA. Customers can navigate through its product line by looking at the products by function-wise, department-wise or alphabetically. (IKEA, 2014) It has a code of conduct for suppliers known as “IWAY” which was launched in 2000 that aims to prevent child labor. (People & Planet Positive – IKEA group sustainability strategy for 2020, IKEA 2014) They have strived for 165,000 environmental and social improvements. They have also other practices and measures in place which aim to increase their energy efficiency and proper utilization of the resources. IKEA foundation also contributed € 101 million to 31 charities and international organizations in 35 countries across the globe. (Annual Review, IKEA 2013) Having successfully marched so far, IKEA today stands at the crossroads to leverage on its strengths to fully capitalize the opportunities in the environment while taking on the challenges along the way....
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