New Product Marketing Plan

1. Introduction: (1 slide) Use an “attention-getter” fact or “wouldn’t it be great if you had X” to gain the interest of your audience (investors you have the capital that you need).
2. Executive Summary: (2 slides) Summarize your idea, the essence of your proposal, and the results you forecast.
3. Organizational Description/Background: (2 slides) Describe the beginnings of the organization and give a brief historical overview of major milestones.
4. Strategic Plan: (4-5 slides) Identify core values, mission/vision, SMART goals/objectives (financial and non-financial), culture of the business, and core competencies/sustainable advantages.
5. New Product (Good or Service) Idea: (4-8 slides) Describe the new product or service that is to be introduced. State the value proposition and positioning statement that outlines the benefits your product will provide to the target customer (in order to differentiate your offering from currently available ones). Include enough detail to allow the audience to understand what it is and what is does. Photos, drawings, specifications, etc. may be very helpful in this section.
6. Situation Analysis: (4-8 slides) Include a SWOT, Industry, Competitor, Company, and Customer Analysis.
7. Marketing and Product Objectives: (4-8 slides) Describe the target markets, points of difference, and positioning.
8. Marketing Program: (4-8 slides) Detail you marketing mix (4Ps) for the new product.
9. Financial Data & Projections: (4-6 slides) What is your ideal and minimum investment needed to pursue your plan? What is your breakeven point and associated timeframe for profitability?
10. Implementation Plan: (2-3 slides) What will you do if you are granted the investment you seek? How will you go about putting your plan into place?
11. Evaluation & Control: (2-3 slides) What contingency plans are in place? What if things do not go according to your projections?
12. Appendices & References: (2-3 slides) Provide citations and additional materials.

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New Product Marketing Plan (50 slides)
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