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In this assignment you will be discussing how you plan to market your business and your sales strategy. You should examine the 4 P’s of marketing and relate those to your products or services. You will need to examine the demographics in the area you have chosen to set up your business and see how that correlates to your organization. You will need to determine how to best market your organization in order to create value for your consumers.

The body of the assignment should be 2-3 pages in length (this does not include your cover and reference pages) and written using APA format and guidelines. You should have 2-3 references for this portion of the paper

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Marketing is very important for new businesses since it helps to educate the consumers about the availability of the new product and encourage them to try the new product. In this report, the sales and marketing mix strategies for the new business of healthy and tasty ready-to-eat meals have been discussed. The appropriateness of the strategies with the marketing objectives and differentiating advantage of the business have also been analyzed to modify it to make it more effective.
Sales strategy
The new product would be entering an existing market in which there are several types of products already available. As such, the push sales strategy would not be used since the product would be marketed as per the differential strategy. In order to stimulate sales for the product, the...

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