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Customer Value
Consider again the device on which you are taking this module. It most likely features word processing software, Internet capability and a certain memory capacity. Depending on your product, you may also
have access to other functions such as the ability to photograph and videotape, compose and play music and create intricate illustrations. You may have chosen this device because you value its ease of use. Or
you may be price conscious and this brand was less expensive than others. Your choice might have been related to brand reputation—the fact that you recognised and trusted the brand because of a bad experience with a different brand. In any case, most likely you had a number of choices regarding which brand and product you chose. Organisations place a great deal of time, money and effort in their marketing and brand management efforts to determine how and why customers choose what they do. This is dependent on value and the concept of exchange—that customers are willing to exchange their money and loyalty for perceived benefits and services. Value may be behavioral in nature, or it may be influenced by lifestyle.
Now expand your image of a product to include intangibles such as a person (e.g., celebrity, politician); a service, such as a plumber or a dry cleaner; a holiday destination; or a contribution to society such as a charitable organisation or the United Nations. What do you value and trust about the image in your mind?
What troubles you about it, if anything? In other words, does this product have a good brand reputation?
For this unit’s Shared Activity you consider the elusive concept of value. In your group you will discuss how organisations offer products and services of value to customers and what sets one product or service part
from its competitors in terms of value.
To prepare for this Shared Activity:
Review the unit Readings, focusing on the module text chapters. Reflect on how the authors define marketing orientation and what factors influence customer value.
Reflect on an organisation that produces products or services you frequently purchase. Consider the following questions:
What do you value about this organisation’s products or services?
What does this organisation do that sets it apart from others in terms of customer value?
How does it compare with other organisations in the same sector?
Think of specific examples that you have observed in which brand reputation affected an organisation’s performance.
Choose an organisation that you will discuss. You may choose your own organisation or another but for the purposes of this activity, it is preferable that you choose one that produces products rather than services.

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Shared Activity: Customer Value
The first thing that I value about Saudi Medical Services (“SMS”) products is their high quality. The company has distinguished itself from competitors by making quality a priority. Providing high quality goods to customers is one of the key driving forces behind the company’s approach to business, and this shows through its products. Since its formation in 1981, SMS has grown from a small start-up to a multimillion dollar...

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