Write about 150 words on the topic below: A description of how your marketing efforts will change with each phase in the product life cycle.

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With a touch of a button, have your favorite dress or necessity delivered to your house! Who might you ask is doing this for you? Uber, now with Uber Rush we will be able to make your life that much less stressful. With Uber Rush, we will be able to deliver items to your house that you do not have time to go pick up. First, you need to request a messenger to show up to your location. They will collect your instructions for delivery and then deliver the package or bring you the package. You will be able to track the driver and you package. The system will only work at places that have in store pickup, Uber will not be able to purchase any items for you. For example, Raley’s supermarket and Target both have options to have someone gather your items and they are paid for online and ready for pickup in the store. This saves you time and frustration, while trying to find exactly what you came in the store for. Now, with Uber, you are saving even more time by letting someone else do other tasks for you while you are busy (Shontell, 2014).
With our...
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