Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that identifies each link in the supply chain and the purpose and value in each.
For example, if the shoe industry were to be chosen, the supply chain might look something like:

plans the product mix
designs the shoes
determines the materials
makes the shoes
advertises the shoes
ships in bulk to middlemen

receives shipment from manufacturer
establishes relationships with retailers
extends credit to retailers
breaks down from bulk quantities to smaller cases
ships product to retailers

displays the shoes
advertises to drive consumers into the store
determines product selection
pays salespeople to help the consumer decide
processes the transaction
transfers possession to the consumer

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A supply chain is the process that starts with the beginning, which is creating and developing a product, to an end process when the final product or service is delivered to the consumer.
Supply manger are the ones who forecast and manage demand and material orders and the supply chain consists of compound planning, production, delivery and processing through a network of retailers, distributors transporters, storage facilities and suppliers who are all involved in the production.
Nike’s supply chain consists of multiple companies that are working together and can be grouped in Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers....
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