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Tesla Company
Write a 500 word report for Internet advertising which focus on social media (eg. Facebook, twitter, instragram etc.). This present the ad and justify the medium’s use in terms of achieving particular communication effects within the target audience and integrating with the campaign’s other media messages. Also justify the creative executional approach taken, based on theoretical principles presented in the subject (especially in regard to linking the executional tactics used to the brand awareness and brand attitude strategies, and other communication effects/objectives pursued) AND linking this back to the 'big idea'.
The useful information
The big idea in the campaign is about “Something sooo…Beautiful, Powerful, Quiet” “Something sooo…Tesla” will be accompanied by images of the tesla car and the target audience, linking all the benefits of Tesla. We used this customer insight to influence our "big idea", by generating a phrase that suggests that Tesla is a fashion forward, trend setting brand within the vehicle market.
Creative Brief for Tesla
Key market observations: Potential customers are pro-social, altruistic consumers, wanting to reduce the environmental footprint of their driving. The market seems ready for such a vehicle to break out of the ‘niche’ position and challenge the major brands.
Source of Business: Current drivers of low-impact vehicles, new drivers seeking low-impact driving, and those drivers seeking an exciting and environmentally innovative way to drive.
Consumer Insight: They are unfamiliar with the brand and its advantages over other low-impact vehicles in the market, but receptive to imported technology innovations.
Target Audience: Other-Brand Switchers and Other Brand Loyals, profiled as middle- to upper-income ‘full’ and ‘empty nest’ households and professional individuals who are keen to ‘make a difference’ through how they live their lives.
Communication Objectives: Create category need, building brand awareness and positive brand attitude, and stimulating brand purchase intention.
Brand Awareness Strategy: predominantly brand recall, with some boosting from brand recognition.
Brand Attitude Strategy: High-involvement/Transformational (Note: along with the transformational motivation for purchasing such a luxurious car, pro-environmental attitude might be considered as a ‘transformational’ motivation for purchase, in line with the personal gratification that often accompanies altruism, or you might treat this as solving an environmental problem, and therefore see it as a negative, or informational purchase motivation).
Brand Claim and Support: Take the claim from Tesla’s current positioning, e.g. “The world’s first all-electric supercar”. Support might take the form of Tesla’s performance specifications (see online for these specs).
Desired Consumer Response: See that all-electric does not mean sacrificing performance and convenience, and is the future of environmentally-friendly driving pleasure.
Creative Guidelines: Powering an all-electric will be just as convenient as a petrol vehicle; avoid exaggeration.

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The chosen medium of communication for this ad will be Instagram and Twitter, however the effect can be translated to other social media used. As according to Haewoon Kwak (2010) research “even though CNN broke the news first more than half the time, news appeared on Twitter before CNN a considerable amount of times”, Twitter is fast growing to be the number one place where news and occurrences can be seen first....

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