Cosmetic - make-up

A. Introduction to your Secondary Data Analysis Section
B. Industry Information: The information should include, but is not limited to:
i. Industry Description
ii. Market (size of industry in USA)
iii. Trends
iv. Leaders or Competitors
v. Products
• All facts, sources, tables, data, etc. Must be properly footnoted. If they are not inserted in the text, all tables and the like should be place in an appendix and referenced in the text.

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Introduction to Secondary Data Analysis
Secondary data analysis involves an analysis of a previously collected information, data and research. These collected data are usually collected for a variety of different purposes, and by a number of different researchers.

Industry Information
i. Industry Description
According to researchers, cosmetics encompass a wide variety of beauty, care and makeup products and substances used to improve the appearance or odors of the body.
Global beauty market is comprised of five different main segments which are skincare, hair care, makeup, fragrances and toiletries. Even though these are complementary segments that when combined are able to satisfy a wide range of needs and expectations...
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