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Spa Salon (Including Nail) Exclusive to Men
Using the product or service from your marketing plan, what modes of communications in the marketing communication mix, and corresponding platforms, would you use to promote the product at the various stages of its life cycle, both early and later?
Why are these modes appropriate for each stage?
Choose at least two digital marketing tools and describe how you would use them to market the product or service chosen for your Marketing Plan.
Describe the type of communication or advertisement, who is the target audience, how often and how long will it run, and how will success be measured.

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As the spa exclusive to men starts operating and enters the introduction stage, the marketing communication strategies used should bring and build brand awareness through marketing campaigns and special promotions.
Firstly, we would create a strong word of mouth, asking people whether they are satisfied with the service and for their recommendation, as well as for all the employees and staff to do word of mouth promotion. We would engage in advertising the service via social media and print media in order to educate potential consumers about our service. We would use a penetration pricing to create a good positioning on the market....

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