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Create a marketing plan for Men's Spa that will consist of a 20-35 slide PowerPoint presentation.
The Marketing Plan should be targeted to an executive audience or a potential investor.
Marketing Plan Slides
Use the following outline to build your Marketing Plan.
• Title Page
• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
o Create a high-level summary of the plan’s content and purpose.
• Description of Product/Service
o What is it, what does it do?
o Who owns it?
o What Product Life Cycle stage is it in?
• Value Proposition
o Why would a customer buy it?
o What is the value that it delivers?
o Create a 2-3 sentence value proposition statement encompassing information above.
This statement is used for marketing messaging campaigns.
• Features and Benefits
o Create a list of features and benefit to customer.
Target Markets
o What markets are currently targeted? What is recommended? (Support with research)
o What approach is being taken (undifferentiated, differentiated, concentrated, or micromarketing)?
• Competitive Analysis
o Who are major competitors – pricing, features, benefits, differentiators, target markets?
o Compare your product/service to major competitors.
o Suggestion: create a table with comparative competitive information (include your product at the top); on the next slide, provide overview bullet points analyzing what the comparative information shows.
• SWOT Analysis
o Refer to the SWOT analysis instructions in your textbook.
• Marketing Objectives
o What are the current marketing objectives, or what are your suggested objectives? (e.g. build brand awareness, increase market share, capture a new target market, increase revenues, etc.)
• Measure
o How will your objectives be measured?
• Pricing Strategy
o Identify the price for your product/service.
o Explain why the price better supports the marketing objectives.
• Target Markets
o What are the target markets? Explain.
o Should current target markets be expanded? Explain.
• Distribution Strategy
o Do you recommend direct channel, indirect channel, or multiple channels?
o Do you recommend intensive, selective, or exclusive distribution and why?
• Marketing Promotion (try to use a combination of traditional and contemporary tools)
o List promotion ideas that support marketing objective(s).
o Which tools will be used to deliver promotion initiatives?
o Align promotion initiatives to appropriate target markets.
o Which initiatives should be included in each stage of the Product Life Cycle?
• Budget
o Estimate the cost of the marketing campaign.
o Create a marketing budget. Allocate the appropriate cost to each initiative.
• Reference Page

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