In the first paragraph, cite the name of the article, the author, the source, and the date. Then briefly summarize the essence of the article (who, what, when, why, where, how?). As the final sentence in this paragraph answer the question: “Why is this article a good choice to help you learn more about product?”
In a second paragraph, identify whether the product mentioned in the article is a consumer or business product. Specify what you think the "core" is in terms of features, quality, etc. (Note: Typically, the core of a product includes the product itself, the design features, and the functional features. It also includes a packaging component -- quality, price, package, styling, trademark, brand name, and any support services (e.g., delivery, warranty, spare parts, repair and maintenance, installation, instructions, and any other related services). You may need to research this information if not specifically included in the article you chose.
In a third paragraph, identify where you think your product or service is in the PLC (Product Life Cycle). Be sure to explain why you think it is where it is. Then briefly discuss other product issues such as liability, safety, and/or social responsibility. If your product is a new product, what do you see as the requirements (money, time, people, etc.) you might need to successfully launch it?
Finally, in a fourth paragraph, describe any warranty, branding, and/or packaging considerations. Pay attention to such things as labeling requirements, product protection concerns, and possible cultural sensitivities (i.e., you don't want to use green packaging in Malaysia because green = jungle = malaria = death).

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“This is Starbucks New Hybrid Coffee Drink” by Michal Addady on, published on January 4th 2016. Starbucks coffee company is introducing a new core beverage, Latte Macchiato is introduced on January 5th 2016, and is made from espresso and milk. This is the newest addition to Starbucks’ espresso based beverages that completes the range of espresso based offering from bold to creamy coffee. This offering includes doppio, café Americano, latte macchiato, flat white, cappuccino and caffe latte....

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