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Task Description
Provided resources, and your own research, as a group create projections for your new business venture and identify your desired source of funding and capital requirements. In your paper, provide the following:

• Use the Income Statement format provided
• Fill out the spreadsheets for the worst case, likely case and best case scenarios for years 1, 2 and 3 being sure to provide line-item assumptions as appropriate
• Provide a one page summary of the findings from your work on the worst case, likely case and best-case scenarios spreadsheet
1. Provide Introduction- introduce the topic and what you will be discussing in the paper.
2. worst-case scenario summary
3. Likely case scenario summary
4. Best Case scenario Summary.

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This report is based on the financial projections for the start-up Travel APP. The startup is focused on the design and commercial of travel app to provide convenience to consumers for making travel plans. There are several travel apps in the market already such as Uber, Kayak, etc. and the competitive environment is intense. As such, the financial projections have been made for a 3 year period to assess the profitability of the new business. Scenario analysis was also done so that the profits of the business could be estimated with better accuracy.
Worst case scenario
The app industry is growing at a rapid pace and is estimated to be $77 billion. Of this, travel apps represent 5% of the total industry....

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