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Topic: Google. You will find 3 articles on the topic, offering different sides and ideas about it. Please read the articles in preparation for the assignment. You are expected to use the articles as evidence, to quote and paraphrase from them (using proper APA style for citations).

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The use of internet technologies in everyday life seems to have both positive and negative effects on brain usage, concentration and the way we think and behave. The negative effects of the internet technologies are being discussed in this essay. The negative aspects of lack of concentration, decline in the cognitive skills and the ability to process information deeply are very critical issues to be kept in mind while analyzing the positive claims of internet usage. The positive claim that prolonged use of internet increases the abilities of the brain and that our cognitive skills have improved has to be questioned on the light of these negative effects that internet use has upon brain functioning.
The negative impacts of Google or internet usage
The negative...

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