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Market Analysis Outline: Southern Arkansas University
Executive Summary
Organization or company history
Current company conditions
(should include sections on current management structure, financial statements, market share info, etc.)
Location analysis
Demographics of market area/effect on future of organization:
Industry analysis/Market conditions
Conclusion summarizing the potential the organization has to succeed, given current organization and industry conditions

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The Southern Arkansas University was founded in the year 1909 and has more than a century of experience in inculcating knowledge to the students across the world. Since it has begun online programs line the online MBA and other graduate programs, it helps the students throughout the world. The campus is situated in the northern boundary of Magnolia, Arkansas and is a small town with a population of 13000 and is rich it is tradition and hospitality (Saumag, 2017). In this market analysis report, we would look into the details of the university along with the market analysis report for its online MBA program which is one of the most affordable MBA’s available online.
Organization (company history)

The university has more than a century of experience...

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