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The Ogilvy Award

The Ogilvy awards are given to companies and their agencies that have successfully employed research to develop and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google the Ogilvy Awards, pick any of the award winners, and write a 2-3 page paper in APA format and discuss why that program was successful.

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In the year 1948, the O&M agency was founded by David Ogilvy. It is one among the largest advertisement networks and has more than 450 offices around the world employing more than 16000 employees. This advertisement agency has helped many of the global multinationals to build their market around the world. Some of the global clients of the agency is Gillette, Amway, Cisco, Coca-cola, etc to name a few. Generally, advertising awards are given to the wide recognition an advertisement has on the public and its performance on creativity that helps build or rebuild the brand image (Helgesen, 1994).
An Ogilvy award is one such award that weighs the advertisements' effectiveness in its persuasive communication to the public and also helps in building the brand image. This paper intends...

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