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Create a marketing plan for the Online MBA at SAU. Since this is not a true academic research paper, you will not need an abstract. However, you will need a lot of secondary data to justify your recommendations for the marketing plan, and you have to cite your sources in your paper and in a works cited page.

The Marketing Objective for this project: Increase enrollment in the MBA program by 10% a year for three years.
BUDGET: The budget for marketing the online MBA is $5000 a year.

Marketing Plan Outline

I. Company Description – ½ to 1 page

II. Business Mission - ½ page
(I will provide this.)

III. Marketing Objective - ½ page
(I will provide this.)

IV. Marketing Strategy – 5 pages
a. Target Market Strategy – describe your target market and justify its selection. Think about population size, age demographics, amount of competition, etc.
b. Marketing Mix
i. Product – your product is the online MBA.

ii. Place/Distribution – your product is distributed online. However, you might want to consider new geographic markets to target, such as Shreveport, central Arkansas, Dallas/Fort Worth or others that you can justify as potentially promising markets.

iii. Promotion – This should be the bulk of this section. How will you communicate with potential students? TV advertising? Social media? Outdoor signage? Make sure you justify your decisions with data.

iv. Price – the price is pre-determined by the University as tuition and fees. It cannot be changed. It can, however, be featured as a benefit for potential students.

V. Implementation, Evaluation, and Control – 2 pages
a. Marketing Research (Are there market segments that need to watched closely? Other trends?)
b. Organizational Structure and Plan (if pertinent)
c. Budget
d. Implementation Timetable
e. Summary

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The online MBA program introduced by the University has many attractions amongst the young graduates which shows a potential market for the program which can be pursued along with their careers. Hence it has the potential for youngsters who want to seek work simultaneously when they are studying professional MBA like the one offered by SAU. This marketing plan gives the broad description about the target market and the marketing mix of product, pricing, place and promotion for the online MBA program offered by the university and also a plan for implementing this marketing plan.

Company Description
The Southern Arkansas University is on the ground from the year 1909. It has been inculcating knowledge into the youngsters for more than a century and has a vast experience in this field. Over the past two decades, it has begun online programs like any other university and has many graduate programs and professional diploma programs. Its online MBA program is one program that is sought after by many students all over the world. Since the university has a tradition and hospitality in treating its students well, its reputation across the country is building up over time (saumag, 2017). This marketing plan is for the online MBA program offered by the Southern Arkansas University. Even though the university is more than a century old, it stays updated with the flowing trends across nations by introducing many online programs and also up to date programs that are required for career development for the young students who are enrolled with the university....

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