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Pick a brand to write a full 4 pages.

Page 1: analysis of product

Page 2: product line recommendation

Page3: Brand analysis

Page4: Brand recommendation

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HiPP Organic Company

Analysis of product

HiPP Organic Company and its products will be analyzed. This company was founded in 1956 when Georg Hipp made one of the first organic farms in Europe. His idea was to make the very best food for babies from finest, organic ingredients. Complete company’s products portfolio is designed for babies. HiPP Organic produces organic baby foods (Banana Custard, Hearty Cottage Pie, etc.), milks (First infant milk, Follow on milk, Growing up milk, etc.) and baby care products (Good night baby bath, Baby oil, etc.). These products are selling in 57 countries worldwide.
Product analysis will be carried out by an individual product analysis. It will be analyzed Hipp organic follow on milk. It is HiPP UK Ltd’s product, intended for babies from six months and older when moving from breast or infant milk feeding. This product contains only the finest organic milk, iron, vitamin A, C and D, omega, Præbiotik, and other vitamins and minerals important for baby’s cognitive development and soya. Hipp organic follow on milk is gluten free, without celery, peanut, wheat, egg and nut. It can be bought in packs of 800g powder. This product is chosen...

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