For the marketing research report, you will have the opportunity to take on the role of a market researcher, working for an existing company of your choice (you will use the same company for the entire project).

1. You will conduct primary research based upon a “problem” or “objective” that you perceive within the organization. For instance, a problem might be that a newly introduced product is not producing the projected sales figures.

2. You will introduce the company, the product line(s), and the problem or objective that you are attempting to research. Discuss who you will be surveying (sampling). As a reminder, you should be using an existing, real-life company with a research problem based upon your perception.

3. You will develop the methodology that you will use to conduct your primary research, and you will determine the hypothesis. This includes determining the questionnaire design, sampling design(s), and sampling procedures. Analyze the reliability, validity, and generalizations. Your textbook will provide guidance on compiling an effective survey instrument that will provide you with adequate data to complete this project. You will include a copy of your questionnaire in the appendix of your report (not included in the minimum page count). Distribute the questionnaire with a goal of retrieving a minimum of 20 valid and credible survey responses.
If you are unable to collect responses from 20 participants, you will be permitted to utilize data from a similar study conducted by other researchers as an alternative; keep in mind, however, that you must still develop and submit the questionnaire of your own design.

4. Identify a minimum of three hypotheses that your data will look to test. To begin the analysis of the results, you will enter the data you accumulated into a frequency table, contingency table, or other tabulation table of your choice.
Market Research Report: Conclusions and Recommendations

5. You will identify each of your hypotheses and discuss whether each is proven or disproven based upon your data analysis. Additionally, you will thoroughly discuss the results of your data analysis and the implications for this company. Include recommendations going forward.
Your response for this assignment should be a minimum of five pages, not including the title page, reference page, or appendix. References should include your textbook and a minimum of one additional credible reference. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations per APA guidelines

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In this Research report,   the problem that is being analyzed are about the reasons behind complaints associated with the services center that was started recently by the All-in-one computers Inc. in the New York city. The main company was started a decade ago and sells computers and peripherals and has introduced a new service center recently to provide service to the products that are sold in the main company. This division of All-in-one computers has been having continuing complaints that are being received at the main company and the reasons behind these are analyzed in this report. This research aims to uncover the problems related to the service center and will provide recommendations based on the analysis done....

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