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Personal Development Plan: Reflection

For your second PDP Assignment, you submit a critically reflective paper that will address your perspectives on marketing based on your personal and professional experiences.
Reflecting regularly on acquired knowledge is important in order to ensure you remain sharp and open to innovative ideas.

Submit a narrative addressing the following:
• Your prior knowledge and experience with the module's key concepts and themes, including those you identified as particular areas of interest in your initial PDP submission;
• Your personal perspectives and assumptions around key module topics;
• How your current practice relates to key module topics;
• Identifying strategies to achieve your plans;
• Identifying areas for your personal development and growth.

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Personal Development Plan: Reflection

Personal Development Plan: Second submission reflection

My learning experience concerning the module key concepts and themes stood out given that I gained critical knowledge on several pertinent themes and concepts. Those that I became increasingly interested in and which I perceived as relating to my current practices are marketing segmentation, long-term loyalty relationship, purchase decision, and consumer buying behavior. In this paper, I am going to explain the personal perspectives around these core module topics and how each topic link with my current practices. I will also identify areas that I feel I require personal development and growth and the strategies I will adopt to accomplish the plan.

Personal perspectives and assumptions around the four module topics/concepts
Concerning marketing segmentation, I now believe that market segmentation is one thing that a marketer should always consider when going about their businesses. The rationale for this claim is that market segmentation is what allows the professionals to personalize their campaigns and in so doing, they establish better connections with their targets (Hartley & Claycomb, 2013). However, the...

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