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Market Research Project :

Executive Summary: Conduct a Primary Market Research study.
Choose a topic that is relevant to today's student population. You will create a survey form and interview 50 SSC students about your topic. Collect and summarize your findings and prepare a written report.

See Format below.

* Choose a topic relevant to college level students or to the general public.
* Write a Statement of Purpose. It always begins with the word , "Determine...."
* Create a survey form. Maximum of two pages.
* Your survey must contain a minimum of 10-12 questions
* Attach a blank copy of your survey form to your final report.
* Using the form, interview 50 SSC students, friends, family and/or fellow workers etc.
* Collect and summarize the data
* Prepare a formal report with your findings (See format below)

Interview 50 SSC students about their academic aspirations.
"Determine interest on the part of SSC students to complete a four year degree:"
1. Obtain basic demographics: Gender, age, student...
2. Are you interested in completing a four-year degree? Yes___ No___
3. Would they consider remaining at SSC to complete their degree?
If yes, why?____________________ go to Question #3
If no, why not? _________________ go to Question #4 etc.

Sample Questions to ask:
* Would they continue on to a four year degree?
* Would they choose to stay at SSC and complete their degree?
* Why they would choose to go to another institution?

Report Format:
* Write a formal report on your findings. (A Narrative: not a POWERPOINT!)
* Use BOLD TYPE for Paragraph Headers.
* Use normal typeface for text

Provide an Executive Overview:
* State that management requested you to survey 50 people for the purpose of .....                                       
* State your Purpose for conducting survey. What you wish to accomplish?
* Re-state your PURPOSE at the top of the survey form.
NOTE: You want interviewees to understand what they are responding to.

* Provide a paragraph stating the method /manner you used to collect data.
* Summarize the results of each survey question in both written and graphical manner: bar charts or pie charts
* Add percentages and actual numbers each response
* Incorporate a bar graph or pie chart with each response

Based on survey results what conclusions do you derive from the data?
Recommendations: What recommendations will you make to management based on results?
Attach a copy of your survey form to your report.
Reminder: State purpose of survey at the top of the form.

Report shall consist of :
* Cover page;
* 6-8 content pages
* Attach survey form (with purpose stated at top of form)

Solution PreviewSolution Preview

These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

Management of the SSC requested to interview 50 students to determine students’ interest in online learning. The survey consists of 14 questions. All data were collected through an online survey and participants were randomly chosen.
23 male students (46% of participants) and 27 female students (54% of participants) participated at the survey, age between 18 and 21.
11 participants (22%) are 18 years old, 8 participants (16%) are 19 years old, 20 participants (40%) are 20 years old, and 11 participants (22%) are 21 years old.

Q1. 1. Are you interested in online learning?
According to the results of a survey, 82% (41 students) is interested in online learning, while 18 % (9 students) is not interested. 20 male students and 21 female students would use online learning services at SSC. 9 students 18 years old, 7 students 19 years old, 14 students 20 years old, and 11 students 21 years old are interested in online learning....

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