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Book: MacDonald, M., & Wilson, H. (2011). Marketing plans: How to prepare them, how to use them. London: Wiley. (CH-7 will upload)

How does US Navy determine its marketing mix?
Thinking beyond advertising, sales, promotion and personal selling, what other non-traditional practices can be included in a robust marketing mix? And why are they important? (APA Format, 1 page with references)

Power Point
Assumptions and Objectives
“10 slides in length NOT including title slide and references. On your PPT, you are focusing on Assumptions and Objectives of Apple Company

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The US Navy determines its marketing mix based on marketing decision changes relative to a particular point in time. The US Navy deals with sensitive products and services and their target customers are specific. For example, the marketing mix focuses on governmental agencies, security and defense departments, research laboratories, and commercial entities. Like other entities, the marketing mix for US Navy products and services entails price, product, promotion, and place. However, these marketing mix factors, as well as others, are determined by the US navy identification and targeting of customers. The identification and targeting of customers are followed by an analysis of the respective needs, location, the motive of the customers, government regulations, customers’ behavior, and buying power....

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