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Result Measurements & Analysis
Academic Week 09 - Day 05
Daily Overview
Weekly Assignment -
Based on the knowledge and insight you have gained over the past week, write a Technical Report to present your answers and motivations to the questions below.

No length is specified for this report – many answers will be short. Motivations should be about two sentences each, except where noted otherwise. You should, however, spend around two pages on Q3. Use the specifications for layout and formatting of your Technical Report, given to you

1. Consider the figures provided in f964. These figures were taken from the analytics of a live website, using Google Analytics, Answer the questions below, based on these figures.

Figure 1 plots the number of page views versus visit duration for a month-long period.
1. a) What is the average number of page views per user for this period?

1. b) , both graphs reached a peak in the same direction. The two graphs had peaks in opposite directions. While considering what each graph represents, which date indicates a trend which is in line with the general expectation? Why?

1. c) Which one of: the number of new or number of returning visitors was the highest?

Figure 2 indicates the percentage of visitors per country and per home language, where “en-us” indicates “English speaking – United States”, “pt-br” indicates “Portuguese speaking-Brazil”, etc.

1. d) How many of the visitors are English speaking?

1. e) Assuming that all countries are shown, what percentage of the visitors was from the USA?
Figure 3 indicates the percentage of visitors per country - ignore the first three listed.
1. f) Assuming that all countries are shown, how many page-views were from the BRICS countries?

1. g) Assuming that all countries are shown, how many visitors were from Europe (excluding the UK, but including all mid-Eastern countries like Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Bosnia, etc)?

Figure 4 indicates the browser used by visitors.

1. h) Are most users of this webpage using mobile devices? Motivate.

Figure 5 indicates the resolution of the screen of the device used by the visitors – only mobile devices are shown in this figure. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the resolution. The number of pixels can be calculated by multiplying the two figures given. More modern devices (eg new smartphones and tablets) normally have a higher resolution.

1. i) Which type of user is likely to form the biggest part of this audience: 20-year old students or 60-year old farmers? Motivate.

Figure 6 shows some figures describing the behaviour of new versus returning visitors.

1. j) When comparing the number of sessions registered for these two types of visitors, what can you tell the owner of this website?   

1. k) When comparing the three sets of figures under the Behaviour section, they all paint a similar picture. What is that picture? What does it mean to the owner of this website? Use one long paragraph for this answer.   

2. Now view the analytics results from your own website, and provide two screen-dumps to show the recording of any two analytic measures. No description is necessary.

3. Refer to the spotlight report on marketing benefits and analytics (f965). Spend around two pages in total on the following questions:

3. a) One graph shows the most important benefits marketers get from the use of analytics (p6.) Why do all the figures not add up to 100%?

3. b) Briefly discuss the benefit which most respondents highlighted as most important for them.

3. c) Another graph lists some objectives for marketing analytics (p8). List those objectives where bigger companies had more respondents choosing an objective than smaller companies.

3. d) Another graph lists the % of marketing budgets spent on analytics (p10). What % of companies spent 10% of their budget on analytics?

3. e) What % of companies spent 30% and less of their budget on analytics?

3. f) Explain briefly, in your own words; what cookies are, how they are used; why they are important in analytics (maximum one third of an A4 page).

3. g) Provide a screen-dump from the analytics of your own website, showing any one analytic measure over a period of more than one week. Discuss the pattern(s) you see in this presentation of user activity, and provide explanations of these patterns where possible

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