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Three Research Essays
These essays build on the Reflection Essays and require you to add research/scholarly sources to deepen and further prove your own ideas and points
• Start with your own argument – list your opinion/argument at the end of your thesis
• Be sure to use correct MLA Formatting:
• Write at least 600 words for each Research Essay (this does not include the MLA opener and the Works Cited citations or final page)
• Find 5 scholarly sources for each Research Essay; each scholarly source needs to be cited at least once within the essay itself (Smith 82) and then listed fully on the Works Cited page
- The use of symbols in Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor’s poems
- Conquering Challenges through a Positive Mental Attitude
- Similarities in Bradstreet and Wheatley’s Works

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The readings this week were quite fascinating in the way the authors presented their messages, and I found the use of symbols in Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor’s poems particularly interesting. However, what I found more interesting was Bradstreet’ personal expression in her poem ‘To My Dear and Loving Husband’. This work is a perfect example of how the intended audience shapes an author’s words and I believe Bradstreet would not have written the way she did if the poem was meant for publication and not for her husband alone.
Right from the title, one gets the impression that Bradstreet intended the poem to be read by her husband alone. The way Bradstreet expresses her thoughts in this work differs with, for example, Taylor’s ‘Upon a Spider Catching a Fly’ where the author appears to be addressing his message to a wider audience. Amidst all the symbolism in Taylor’s work, his message when he writes “. . . strive not above what strength hath got, lest in the brawle thou fall. . . ” is a warning intended for readers (Taylor, n.d).
Unlike Taylor’s work which appears to be addressed to a wider audience, Bradstreet writes, “. . . if ever man...

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