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A. Evaluate the innovation of the smart speaker based on each of the 5 product characteristics that speed up adoption (relative advantage, relative simplicity, compatibility, ease of trial, and observability). Be sure you demonstrate that you understand each of these characteristics and how it would impact the speed of adoption. You should address the positive and the negative components. Currently about 19.7% of the US population have one or more wireless speaker systems in their home. Do you think the product will diffuse to widespread adoption (greater than 60-70%) quickly? Why or why not? (Relate this back to the 5 product characteristics identified above.) Do you think the innovation will be a major game changer? Why or why not? (ppt 12-7 through 12-11 should help you with this answer) (15 points)

B. Apple recently introduced its Apple HomePod into the smart speaker market. What branding strategy has Apple used for this new product? Do you think this is a strong brand name for the product? Why or why not? As a new introduction this product would be classified as being in the introduction stage even though they were not the first to market. Evaluate the four brand equity dimensions for Apple (ppt. 11-26 & 11-27 and Disney homework assignment) (15 points)

C. You have just been hired as a marketing consultant by Apple to
develop a plan for marketing the Apple HomePod. Using the Product Life Cycle framework, advise the company regarding who should be the target market for the proposed introduction? Next, develop a plan based on the marketing objectives (product, price, promotion and place) for the introduction stage of the PLC. (You’ll find ppt slides 12-28 through 12-31 most helpful in completing this question.) You need to go beyond the simple objective stated in the PowerPoints and tell Apple’s management specifically how you would accomplish each objective. What should they do differently (from the stated objectives) because they are not the first entrant into the market? You should also develop a positioning statement (ppt slides 9-34 through 9-40). Be sure to support your answers. What changes do you think they should make now? (20 points)

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One of the most recent fast-growing trends in technology are the smart speakers, which are in the core a wireless speaker or voice command devices with the integrated artificial intelligence technology. Smart speakers made their debut in the market two years ago, with the Amazon revealing of Echo speaker with Alexa voice-control, since, Google smart speaker has entered the market, and Apple’s Home Pod entered the competition as well as Sonos One and Beam speakers.

Primarily, in order to evaluate the innovation speed, it is necessary to define the term smart speaker, which describes wireless speakers with built-in voice control, that is AI. These speakers are considered to be voice controlled personal assistants, to which the user can request a song to be played, asking to set a timer, control the AV system, switch the lights, change heating, in essence, any device that you can control over your phone, the command to a smart speaker should be able to do the same.

The product characteristics in the aspect of relative advantage of smart speakers is that they are seamlessly integrated into consumers lives, while providing on top benefits of AI integrated together with what was once a simple music listening device. Smart speakers provide better service in terms of consolidating multiple actions and functions into one and decrease the need for usage of different devices. Smart speakers provide the used with increased possibilities to customize their time and home, while they allow...

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