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Proposal – A blood donor satisfaction survey for those that come to a blood drive or fixed site to donate. Currently have no way to measure donor satisfaction.

1. Please write a detailed proposal/report about the topic on which you consider the research is deemed necessary by the employer (in no more than 5 pages)

2. In your Proposal, please make sure you address the 5W’s and 1H.

3. Create a generic timeline for the study (from the time it takes to make the survey till the presentation of the final report).

4. Please mention if you will need IRB approval or not. If yes, then create a separate timeline for this also (or include in the about #3 timeline) for getting it approved.

5. Use of references is encouraged in the proposal, but not required.

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Blood donor satisfaction is very essential to make them repeatedly donate blood and hence it is required to analyze whether they are satisfied at the service of the volunteers at the blood donation drive or at the fixed site location. This research proposal is focused on highlighting the need for such a blood donor’s satisfaction survey and to lay out the factors that can possibly affect the satisfaction of the blood donors and their retention rate. In many countries the need for blood supplies is increasing tremendously while the supply is fulfilled by a small number of donors who are most probably volunteers. Even here, the possible number of potential donors is often restricted by strict selection criteria that are imposed due to the safety with regard to the blood supplies.

The need for donor satisfaction research
The demand for blood supplies is increasing across the country and the blood is collected in various forms such as whole blood, double reds, or platelets and often the supply of blood is donated by a small number of volunteers who donate blood on their own intent....

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