Read and reflect on the issues presented in the Home Depot Case. In your response, consider:
Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Home Depot Supply wholesale initiative.

Describe and evaluate the Innovation Center initiative launched in late 2004.

Is the cultural overhaul of HD spearheaded by the CEO consistent with delivering superior value to customers?

Discuss the extent to which the “command-and-control” management process is resulting in strong performance for HD.

The paper is written with at least two additional sources.

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Case Study 6-12: Home Depot
To get a sense of Robert Nardelli’s management style, imagine for a moment his innovation centers, which resemble top secret military warehouses where secret testing of weapons takes place. It is here in an unmarked building at corporate headquarters that lawnmowers and wiper blades are tested (Bloomberg 2006). The operations in the center are top secret, and special permission must be granted to go inside. Maximum security keeps the place secure. In a way, the idea is similar to Apple, which has a similar secretive nature about its research and development department. Home Depot seems to be coupling Consumer Reports with Area 51....

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