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Case 6-17: Read and reflect on the issues presented in the Proctor & Gamble Case.
In your response, consider:
Describe and evaluate P&G’s brand system (portfolio) initiatives.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of P&G’s decision to focus on the company’s distinctive capabilities while outsourcing other business functions.
Develop a comprehensive evaluation of P&G’s brand leveraging (e.g. SpinBrush) initiatives.
What avenues are available to P&G to reduce its dependence on one customer - Wal-Mart?

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P&G’s Brand System (Portfolio) Initiatives
Under the leadership of Alan Lafley, Proctor & Gamble has used the acquisition of other companies as the best way to create new brands. This is rare for a company that has traditionally developed and rolled out new brands from within the company itself. With its successful Tide, Pampers, and Crest brands Proctor & Gamble first popularized the strategy of brand management, assembling a group of marketing teams set up for each of its products (p.604). P&G has already created and strengthened so many good and profitable brands....

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